AmsterDamm Soulful

We've got something truly special in store for all soulful music enthusiasts, and our lineup is absolute fire!

Get ready for 5-hours of live music extravaganza at WesterUnie, featuring three continuous live acts on two stages hosted by Funky Vinyl.The first stage will ignite with a 3-hour live show by our groovy resident Wicked Jazz Sounds, followed by Benjamin Fro and his full band, promising a sonic spectacle like no other. The grand finale brings a jaw-dropping surprise act that has conquered the biggest festivals and concert halls!

Our second room is under the spell of the internationally acclaimed dance collective, Ghetto Funk. When they're not tearing it up in Tokyo, London, or Malmö, they're right here on our dancefloor. Alongside their handpicked 5 DJs, they'll be treating us to spectacular performances.

And here's the kicker – our infamous yet legendary locker room is making its return! DJ Guzz is back, ready to lay down some killer beats, and we’ve got some unexpected treats in mind for the occasion. This is no ordinary night, it's a musical odyssey that breaks all boundaries. Get your tickets now, and let's groove together!

Surprice act (Full Band)
Wicked Jazz Sounds
Benjamin Fro (Full Band)
Leroy Rey
DJ Guzz
DJ Nobody Knows
DJ Lucylove
Connect the Odds
DJ Roche & Lori